7 Ways to Benefit from Project Management-as-a-Service

Intuity Consulting
Project Management as a Service

Accelerate strategic value by overcoming traditional project challenges. Flexibly consume access to expert teams with mature project practices for better results.

  • Access to Expert Knowledge – Access to senior, expert practitioners as well as knowledge libraries of frameworks, playbooks, checklists, templates and approaches.
  • Reduce Failure Rates – Best practice project management is echoed through rigorous service levels designed to achieve project success. Expert practitioners know the causes (common and hidden) of project failure and take an active role in ensuring they don’t surface and derail your initiative.
  • Senior Leadership – Your projects are managed by senior practitioners with deep technical skills and experience. These individuals may not otherwise be commercially accessible on a traditional contractor model.
  • Lower Cost – Greater value through a blended, dedicated team reflected in a balanced but blended rate. Complex tasks such as confirming the scope, deliverables and timing against the business case and stakeholder management, are completed by senior practitioners while simpler tasks such as minute taking, meeting scheduling and updating RAID logs are actioned by project coordinators.
  • Scalability – Dial up, dial down to meet the needs of your broader portfolio. This model also solves part-time/fractional project management needs.
  • Speed & Efficiency – Rapid mobilisation, productive from day one. Established team and delivery approaches. Best practice service levels means project velocity is tracked and maintained. Project teams are independent and impartial of internal challenges and have a laser focus on project success.
  • Removes Headcount Challenges – A shift away from complicated hiring approvals, recruitment and daily people management to a best practice, service-driven integrated delivery partner.


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March 2021

By Hope Parnell, Partner Strategy Execution, Intuity Consulting

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