Agile. Create your own story.

Intuity Consulting

Many organisations look to emulate the successes of high tech players such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Spotify and others. They’re drawn to the promise of Agile, continuous change, lean startup innovation and outperforming the indices and slaying incumbent competitors to disrupt entire industries.

Although it can be inspiring to look at these success stories and be tempted to mirror the way they work, every business is different, no one size fits all and it’s difficult to sort through the hype and work out what’s really applicable. Your organisation probably has a lot of approaches and ways of working that are effective, efficient and successful. It probably also has management, leadership, governance and risk management approaches that have led to its success to date. It’s important to make changes where they add value and to build on strengths already present, especially during transitionary phases.

Intuity consultants have real-world experience working in Agile and working with client leaders to help them design practical and achievable roadmaps for their Agile transformations.

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