Part-time Project Management (PMaaS)

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Part-time Project Management as a Service

Solving the Small Project resource challenge

While small projects deliver much needed business value they can present a unique set of challenges. Often these projects cannot justify a full time project resource and assigning a part-time contractor means committing to specific days of the week, which frankly, isn’t always convenient for internal stakeholders or vendors and doesn’t allow for adequate coverage across the project lifecycle. Even allocating these smaller projects internally can prove difficult if capacity and capability aren’t working in your favour.


What does this mean for smaller projects? The reality is many are treated differently in terms of project rigor, they drag out and progress very slowly, they’re inefficient or fall by the wayside altogether. Scope can easily creep in an attempt to make them larger, budgets aren’t controlled, risks go unmanaged and stakeholders are in dark. This culminates into a poor project outcome where value onset is delayed or fundamentally compromised.


PMaaS right sizes the effort and approach needed to appropriately manage your smaller projects. We spread this fractional effort over a 5 day working week to ensure good operational coverage of your initiative. Partnering with a dedicated senior project practitioner who offers flexibility and is supported by our specialist project team, we deliver to service levels based on best practice.

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April 2021

By Hope Parnell, Partner Strategy Execution, Intuity Consulting

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