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Cloud solutions in Government Transport Sector

Supporting the Transport sector, working with government and industry on innovative and edge solutions. Expertise in systems, such as the NSW SCATS, PTIPS, and Cloud-first application services. Tailor-made solutions that meet your requirements in cloud-only and serverless platforms, targeting transport data-led solutions.

The Public Transport Information & Priority system or ‘PTIPS’  is a real-time data platform that feeds all transport apps, providing customers with bus, train, light-rail, and ferry times & locations. The data captured by PTIPS is used to manage on-time running and route/vehicle adherence to scheduled services as planned, which manages Sydney’s Metro and Outer-Metro bus contracts valued at ~$2bn.



Transport for NSW had a requirement to ‘Fix & stabilise’ their Public Transport Information & Priority System ‘PTIPS’ and was highlighted as a critical system by the Transport Minister. PTIPS was an in-house built system with aging proprietary hardware on every Metro bus vehicle that was not performing as needed. The system was not stable, crashing regularly, and real-time data was often not correct.

The initial stage of the program was to stabilise the old system ensuring the business and bus operators we still able to operate. At the same time keeping PTIPS stable, we developed a new strategy to deliver the next evolution of this service to meet the current and future needs of TfNSW, Bus operators and transport customers.



The program developed a new strategy that delivered a complete replacement of the core system, new Location tracking algorithms, increase the accuracy of real-time data feeds for customer apps and to be serviced from flexible AWS Cloud services.

A new Information architecture layer and data models were developed to enable the Open Data Customer initiative receiving updates of vehicle locations (train, bus, tram & Ferry) as well as patronage data and Bus seating capacity.

This program delivered a new cloud-based service, ‘AWS’ for TfNSW and PTIPS was the first system to be implemented in AWS. This made PTIPS Web Portal accessible to critical Transport Management Centre operations and all Bus operators, such as STA, Hills bus, CDC, Transdev, Forest, etc.



The program completed all deliverables successfully. In utilising new open-source technologies, AWS cloud solutions and re-use of Opal assets delivered costs savings of $123m.


The PTIPS Program received the following awards:

  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation Award 2014 – Transport Services Division
  • Project Team of the Year (Finalist) 2016 – TfNSW
  • Project of the year 2017 – Smart City Awards
  • Best Government Initiative 2017 – Smart City Awards

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