Agile PMO

Intuity Consulting

PMOs have traditionally played a role in both governance and standards as well as enablement and support. As organisations  move towards Agile ways of working, the PMO can play a key role in building agility at the team and enterprise levels.

As organisations begin their shift to enterprise agility, management will continue to have a need for information about transformation progress. PMOs are often already playing this role for project management information and can expand this role to encompass the various agile initiatives. This will require effort and thought be put towards how the relevant data can be collected and consolidated, the importance of embracing and supporting self-direction at the initiative and team levels and the relationship with existing project data. PMOs will also need to design approaches and guiding principles for their approach to governance and decision making in ways of working where this is baked into the activities.

PMOs can also be key supporters of business agility by leveraging their existing organisational mandates and relationships to support the growth and acceptance of agile ways of working. The relationships already in place for most PMOs means that they can create desire for agility, provide coaching and facilitate information sharing and learning activities. Some of this can also be supported by sponsoring Agilecentres of excellence and communities of practice and encouraging participation as well as cross pollination. The key here is for the PMO to create something people want to engage with rather than something they will enforce on the business. We acknowledge this may be the most difficult aspect to master yet the rewards are plentiful.

Intuity consultants have vast experience helping organisations and teams embrace agile ways of working and partner with them to build measurable enterprise agility. Talk to us today about the steps you could take to start your Agile Transformation journey by leveraging your PMO.