Transformations That Work – and Why

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Transformations That Work – and Why

In this article, BCG lay out the challenges facing the CEO tasked with transforming their company.

“A transformation is not a series of incremental changes. Rather, it is a fundamental reboot that enables a business to achieve a dramatic, sustainable improvement in performance and alter the trajectory of its future.”

Key takeaways for CEOs:

  • CEOs must continually balance short- and long-term objectives.
  • CEOs must quickly reset investor expectations.
  • CEOs must develop a clear purpose for the change effort.
  • CEOs must adopt agile and digital methods to drive change.
  • CEOs must assemble diverse leadership teams.
  • CEOs need to apply directive and inclusive leadership.
  • Virtually every company needs a transformation.
  • In setting a long-term strategy, revenue growth is the biggest factor in transformation success.

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