Is your business agile enough to keep pace with your industry competitors? Are you able to deliver technology-led innovation to market using Agile approaches? Most organisations we work with aren’t able to confidently say yes to both of those questions and this is creating existential worry for the Board and C-level leadership.

We have the experience and expertise to help you deliver using Agile on key initiative(s) or move towards business agility by working on your operating model and helping the enterprise embrace a new cultural, leadership and management paradigm. Intuity consultants bring a wealth of experience from Agile work in Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, high tech, start-ups, government, not-for-profit and a host of other sectors. We’re agnostic on particular Agile methodology/brands and we’re more interested in helping your organisation execute strategy well by becoming nimble,  adaptive and great at change delivery.  

Across many business sectors, the foundations of competition are shifting, the pace of change is accelerating, traditional barriers to entry are collapsing.  Customer preferences are now shifting to digital across many types of transactions and interactions. Internally, employee engagement is suffering under old management and leadership approaches not suited to new business and operating models.

Many organisations look to emulate the successes of high tech players such as Amazon, Google, Uber, Spotify and others. They’re drawn to the promise of Agile, continuous change, lean startup innovation and outperforming the indices and slaying incumbent competitors to disrupt entire industries. 

Although it can be inspiring to look at these success stories and be tempted to mirror the way they work, every business is different, no one size fits all and it’s difficult to sort through the hype and work out what’s really applicable. Your organisation probably has a lot of approaches and ways of working that are effective, efficient and successful. It probably also has management, leadership, governance and risk management approaches that have led to its success to date. It’s important to make changes where they add value and to build on strengths already present, especially during transitionary phases.  

Intuity consultants have real-world experience working in Agile and working with client leaders to help them design practical and achievable roadmaps for their Agile transformations. We’re used to working with the C-Suite to guide their roles in transformation success but we can just as comfortably work at the team level as needed. 

We help introduce business agility at the enterprise level, or implement Agile delivery for a particular initiative or work with organisations to reduce inter-dependencies and create self-reliant value generating teams. We understand that in many situations, Agile teams are going to work with other divisions, vendors, internal teams and customers that have their own ways of working. Our depth of experience helps you tailor Agile to your unique circumstances.  


Our unique strength:

We focus on your customer, your people and your culture of business agility and Agile just as much as on models, methodologies and frameworks. Change doesn’t have to be difficult when you design an approach which is focussed on the customer, cultural, behavioural, people, and leadership elements of the organisation as a system.   

We will certainly help you tailor and implement SAFe, LeSS , Scrum, AgilePM, AgileSHIFT, the Spotify model or any number of other approaches but just as importantly, we will help you make the required adjustments to mindsets, ways of working and leadership no matter where you’re up to in your journey.

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Mark was instrumental in installing a complex telecoms application into a legacy mobile provider environment. This required SI work in an unfamiliar environment, in a country with an unfamiliar language. The project was delivered without issue and the application has performed exceptionally.
Leading Hong Kong Mobile & Telecom Provider
Mark is always professional and on top of everything dealt to him. His calm and approachable manner means he always gets the best out of people and situations. He has an eye for detail and is always willing to get stuck in if needs arises.
General Manager
Emerging Platforms & Digital Media Organisation
Mark worked on one of our groundbreaking initiatives - Paid Content Digital Platform. Not only was Mark instrumental in driving the massive shift in technology, but he also helped drive the significant cultural evolution from print to online media.
Program & Change Director
Global Media Organisation
I recently had the opportunity to be mentored by one of the best consultants in the Project, Program & Transformation space, Mark Dunham. I am really excited to see  Intuity Consulting launch - see their values and you'll understand just why business is indeed personal. Congrats!
Senior Consultant | Speaker
Management Consulting
Hope works phenomenally hard to ensure clients expectations are met whilst balancing this with team feedback to ensure sustainable relationships and commercial outcomes are achieved via value-driven engagement.
Senior Consultant
Energy Engagement
Hope is a committed and passionate professional who listens to what clients needs, takes them through the best solutions, bringing clients to the best outcomes for their needs.
Snr Business Analyst
Banking Engagement
I look forward to continuing to work with Hope and can't recommend her highly enough.
Director Operations & Strategy
National Media Organisation
She is that rare combination of being both commercially and technically savvy while being approachable and supportive to the project team yet never losing focus on the needs of the client.
PMO consultant
Energy Engagement
Our requirements are usually completely unrealistic and our time frames generally impossibly short, but Hope invariably delivers. She has a great ability to interpret our requirements and deliver them; she's a great partner.
Director ePMO
National Media Organisation
I have worked with Hope over the last year and found her to be extremely professional and exceptionally innovative. She just gets the job done with little fuss and knows how to get the best out of people around her. Was a pleasure working with her.
Chief Operating Officer
National Energy Organisation

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