Agile and Agility for everyone

Transformation isn’t just about technology. Until now, Agile methods and certifications such as Lean and Kanban have focused on the IT function and the delivery of software.

AgileSHIFT® is a new guide to help prepare individuals and organisations for transformational shift by creating a culture of enterprise agility. This cultural change is not driven by simply adopting an Agile method or tool, but by understanding and distilling the ethos behind agile ways of working and leveraging them across the entire organisation.

Many organisations undergoing transformation are adopting agile to deliver their projects and programs. Yet a frequent problem is the creation of isolated agile delivery teams unsupported by a wider organizational engagement initiative. It is imperative that these agile delivery teams interact with other business functions such as Finance, HR, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Legal. Very often these teams do not know why an agile approach is being used, the benefits it offers or how best to adopt that way of working. These teams simply aren’t geared to embrace an alternative to their usual working processes. It’s at this intersection that current approaches to organisational-agility are failing.

AgileSHIFT® – Certified (AXELOS) – 2 DAYS

Who should attend?

The purpose of AgileSHIFT is to facilitate agile ways of working for the entire organization.

This course is for “change enablers” who lead or are an active part of a transformation change business, and Senior staff in functions that have awareness of, and interaction with, agile delivery and are interested in learning more.

Typical participants include:

  • Senior positions within Finance, HR, L&D, Legal, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing and Product Management
  • Transformation lead/managers, Portfolio Managers,
  • Change lead/managers
  • Coach/evangelist roles that could relate to agile


AgileSHIFT® achieves:

  • Encouraging the whole of organisation to be comfortable with and embrace the need for change and transformation
  • Demonstrates how a culture of enterprise agility is beneficial to organisations dealing with transformation, and identifying common barriers to success
  • Provides an overview of common agile ways of working and how they relate to enterprise agility
  • Provides a simple (tailorable) Agile framework for organisations and teams to adopt and embed. The framework is comprised of;
  • 5 principles and 5 practices for the whole organisation
  • An iterative delivery method comprising roles, competencies, workflow, tools and techniques


These elements combine to enable the whole organisation to embrace agility


Exam – There are two options for exam delivery:

  • Individuals can sit one exam at the end of the training course
  • Or, utilize our new exam delivery option which offers a three-part exam across the training course


AXELOS Accredited training is provided by A1-Yellowhouse, an AXELOS Accredited Training Organisation.

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Mark was instrumental in installing a complex telecoms application into a legacy mobile provider environment. This required SI work in an unfamiliar environment, in a country with an unfamiliar language. The project was delivered without issue and the application has performed exceptionally.
Leading Hong Kong Mobile & Telecom Provider
Mark is always professional and on top of everything dealt to him. His calm and approachable manner means he always gets the best out of people and situations. He has an eye for detail and is always willing to get stuck in if needs arises.
General Manager
Emerging Platforms & Digital Media Organisation
Mark worked on one of our groundbreaking initiatives - Paid Content Digital Platform. Not only was Mark instrumental in driving the massive shift in technology, but he also helped drive the significant cultural evolution from print to online media.
Program & Change Director
Global Media Organisation

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