Merger Readiness Assessment

Merger failure rates float in the 40-50% range putting probability of failure at roughly one out of two. The causes of merger failure are rarely the deal particulars and financial negotiations but more often the challenges of merger integration.

A merger integration assessment clarifies the success factors for your integration activities. The readiness assessment follows the due diligence process and begins the planning process by assessing merger readiness across 5 key themes and 25 dimensions. Our strong recommendation is to plan your merger integration as early as possible to give the best chance of success. Even if you’ve already started or you’re looking to reset, an assessment will provide valuable insights.

A merger readiness assessment will help you:

  • Uncover the integration risks up-front before they become a problem
  • Reduce merger integration costs
  • Maximise synergy value
  • Accelerate the integration process
  • Ensure organisational stability
  • Define the integration program

Where does it fit?

Merger Readiness Assessment is where planning for “Day 1” and for Integration Wave 1 start in earnest. The due diligence works through the commercial, financial, operational and other relevant items whilst the Readiness Assessment focuses on how the target and acquirer will come together.

The first phase of readiness assessment supports the development of Day 1 activity plans and provides key information to integration planning for Integration Wave 1, which should focus on delivering the primary synergies and key organisational changes.

Readiness Assessment

How does it work?

Our team collects information to assess 25 dimensions of merger success across 5 key themes. We work with your Leadership and key Personnel to determine the unique Integration Success Factors that will deliver expected Synergies.

Throughout the process, we focus on driving Synergies and Impact, involving key Personnel and ensuring confidentiality within your organisation, our organisation, and externally.

Our Readiness Assessment Process:

  1. Interview key leaders and key personnel
  2. Collect, collate and synthesise relevant information & data
  3. Understand and review what’s been learned through the due diligence process
  4. Document the Merger & Integration Parameters
  5. Assess integration readiness, develop & socialise Integration Success Factors
  6. Develop and socialise the detailed Assessment Report including practical recommendations

Merger Readiness Assessment across 5 key themes and 25 dimensions includes:

Merger Readiness Themes and Dimensions

The Report

The most important output of the Merger Readiness Assessment is a set of prioritised and practical recommendations across all of the themes and dimensions. A report detailing all review findings within each dimension, recommendations within each dimension and across the merger as a whole is provided for review but we find the greatest benefit is making the recommendations flow straight into the integration planning process.

A merger readiness assessment will provide you with the clarity needed to drive success in your merger. To ensure the process adds value as early as possible, once the review is commenced, findings can be shared as they are confirmed and incorporated into planning and program design activities. Our team typically progresses to planning and design during the assessment process and then continues as appropriate in the integration implementation work.

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