MSP® Managing Successful Programmes – 3 Levels of Accreditation (AXELOS)

MSP is highly suitable for business change transformation and political/societal change, being an approach designed to accommodate high levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk. MSP uses a framework that consists of principles and processes which are used to manage programmes.

MSP is explicitly designed to break down organisational changes into smaller, more manageable projects. This makes it easier for an organisation and can help to reduce costs and improve productivity. The syllabus provides a basis for accreditation and describes the learning outcomes a candidate needs to meet in order to move through the levels.

Who should attend MSP?

  • Programme Office
  • Business Change Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Business owners
  • Aspiring Programme Managers
  • Those interacting with a programme wishing to gain an understanding best practice


Link to syllabus – [click here]


The purpose of the MSP® Foundation certification is to confirm you understand the MSP guidance thoroughly enough to work effectively with those involved in the management of a programme or to act as an informed member of a programme office, business change team or project delivery team working within an environment supporting MSP.

Learning outcomes;

  • Distinguish between projects and programmes
  • Identify the MSP defined types of programme and their characteristics
  • Explain the benefits of applying the MSP guidance to the management of a programme of transformational change
  • Explain the purpose and areas of focus of the defined roles
  • Explain the purpose of the seven MSP principles, the nine governance themes and the six transformational flow processes
  • Explain the purpose of MSP programme documents.


Exam – 75 multiple choice questions, 1hr, 50% pass mark.


The purpose of the MSP® Practitioner certification is to confirm whether you understand the MSP guidance well enough to apply it to your own work and are able to act as an informed member of a programme management team. That is, someone who is responsible for managing, leading, supporting or advising on work within an MSP environment. You should also be capable of applying the MSP guidance in a relatively uncomplicated programme within an environment that uses MSP.

Learning outcomes;

  • Identify additional value as a result of managing the described change as an MSP programme
  • Explain and apply each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow processes and their activities
  • Explain the relationship between the MSP principles, governance themes, the transformational flow, programme information (documents) and the MSP defined programme management roles
  • Produce and evaluate examples of MSP programme information (documents).


Exam – 80 questions, 2.5hrs, 50% pass mark.


The purpose of the MSP® Advanced Practitioner certification is to determine whether you can lead and manage a programme of transformational change. That is, whether you can apply the MSP guidance in a complex programme within an environment that uses MSP.

Learning outcomes;

  • Determine whether MSP is an appropriate framework for an identified change initiative
  • Justify specific activities that should be undertaken by each of the defined MSP roles during each of the processes of the transformational flow
  • Produce, evaluate and suggest improvements to examples of MSP programme information (documents)
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the application of each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow processes
  • Adapt the programme’s approach to the governance themes to the needs of both the wider programme environment and the sponsoring organization
  • Learn from experience and, as a result, propose alternative approaches that would improve the effectiveness of the application of each of the MSP principles, the governance themes and the transformational flow processes.


Certification – Essay-based, Two questions per paper, 75 marks available in total, 50% pass mark, 3hrs, Open-book (other material than the MSP Guide, such as of course notes or copies of presentations can be used during this examination, but use of electronic aids, such as laptops, is not permitted).

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