You’re on the executive team and have defined how your organisation needs to look in the future.

  • How well does your organisation execute strategy?
  • Do your projects and programs deliver on the promises made in their business cases?
  • Does your management team have the necessary information available to make project, program and investment decisions?
  • Do projects and programs have a place to go to for tools and templates or to seek guidance on best practice?
  • Are your projects, programs and product development progressing as expected?

To answer these questions, an organisation must establish management processes and structures to support the collection, summarisation and reporting of information from portfolio, program and project teams. Project, Program, Portfolio Management Offices come in a variety of flavours and depending upon their purpose, their span of control and size of the organisation as well as what governance and support services they are providing, there may be differences in processes, reporting lines, staffing needs and toolsets. An effective PMO helps ensure strategic execution on behalf of the Executive and with the project community.

Many larger organisations invest in combinations of PMOs at various levels and within different areas of the enterprise. They may be known as an EPMO, Project Office, Program Office, Project Management Office, PMO, Enterprise Delivery Office, Portfolio Office or even Strategic Transformation Office and collectively they may be referred to as a P3O approach. In Agile enterprises or hybrid enterprises there are often challenges in how to achieve some of the same aims as PMOs but with an entirely different work structure, metrics and management information set.

The challenges of designing a P3O / PMO approach as well as integrating Agile and/or a Transformation Office are not core management competencies. Delivery of projects and change is different to managing operations. Management of a PMO is different to management of projects themselves. Governance and support of portfolios of projects (or organisational change investments) should be entrusted to experienced practitioners. The PMO is entrusted with providing timely and accurate information for Executives to make some of their most critical and important decisions. The organisations should have complete confidence that these questions are answered with authority and competence.

Intuity consultants have designed and managed PMOs (of various titles) for portfolios as large as $300M and for individual Programs over $150M. You can trust Intuity to help you design and implement PMO approaches that suit your needs and are appropriate for your project, governance and investment environment. We seek active participation in the design of client PMO solutions, involve the client as part of the process and iteratively develop PMO services with their input. As clients work with us, we impart knowledge and build client capability so that we can provide a path to handing the capability back via a transition project.

PMO Services

We can provide you with the following solutions:

  • PMO Advisory – Design a PMO approach, Assess PMO Maturity, Uplift PMO Practice
  • Enhanced PMO Delivery – We provide you with PMO practitioners supported by our best practice frameworks, tools and templates as well as expert coaching.
  • PMO as a Service – We deploy our consultants together with out-of-the-box IP and tools to deliver PMO services to your organisation. We can use our best practice PPM tools or we can use your PPM tools. Get a PMO in place fast!
  • Fractional PMO as a Service – All the benefits of PMO as a Service whilst recognising that not every client is a large enterprise. Fractional PMO as a Service is designed for smaller requirements like teams, SME organisations or just to get things started. We’ve just extended this offering to include fractional coordination & administration services due to client requests.


Talk to us today about providing the following PMO services to your delivery and management teams and for PMO resources, please refer back to our delivery services page

Mark was instrumental in installing a complex telecoms application into a legacy mobile provider environment. This required SI work in an unfamiliar environment, in a country with an unfamiliar language. The project was delivered without issue and the application has performed exceptionally.
Leading Hong Kong Mobile & Telecom Provider
Mark is always professional and on top of everything dealt to him. His calm and approachable manner means he always gets the best out of people and situations. He has an eye for detail and is always willing to get stuck in if needs arises.
General Manager
Emerging Platforms & Digital Media Organisation
Mark worked on one of our groundbreaking initiatives - Paid Content Digital Platform. Not only was Mark instrumental in driving the massive shift in technology, but he also helped drive the significant cultural evolution from print to online media.
Program & Change Director
Global Media Organisation
I recently had the opportunity to be mentored by one of the best consultants in the Project, Program & Transformation space, Mark Dunham. I am really excited to see  Intuity Consulting launch - see their values and you'll understand just why business is indeed personal. Congrats!
Senior Consultant | Speaker
Management Consulting
Hope works phenomenally hard to ensure clients expectations are met whilst balancing this with team feedback to ensure sustainable relationships and commercial outcomes are achieved via value-driven engagement.
Senior Consultant
Energy Engagement
Hope is a committed and passionate professional who listens to what clients needs, takes them through the best solutions, bringing clients to the best outcomes for their needs.
Snr Business Analyst
Banking Engagement
I look forward to continuing to work with Hope and can't recommend her highly enough.
Director Operations & Strategy
National Media Organisation
She is that rare combination of being both commercially and technically savvy while being approachable and supportive to the project team yet never losing focus on the needs of the client.
PMO consultant
Energy Engagement
Our requirements are usually completely unrealistic and our time frames generally impossibly short, but Hope invariably delivers. She has a great ability to interpret our requirements and deliver them; she's a great partner.
Director ePMO
National Media Organisation
I have worked with Hope over the last year and found her to be extremely professional and exceptionally innovative. She just gets the job done with little fuss and knows how to get the best out of people around her. Was a pleasure working with her.
Chief Operating Officer
National Energy Organisation

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